Welcome to Gainford Group

Gainford group is a family owned group of businesses with operations spanning across a range of sectors including Healthcare, Property, Hotels and Leisure.

Established in 1995 the Gainford Group has continued to expand due to a sense of strong strategic vision and a business ethos that mixes good old-fashioned values with cutting-edge business thinking.

During the process of building one of the most highly regarded Care Home groups across the North East, our name has become synonymous with a passion for taking great care in all that we do, whether it be ensuring quality of healthcare in our homes, first rate hospitality in our hotels or an exquisite dining experience in one of our restaurants. This excellence is brought about by our people - the staff within each facility and others involved in our day to day running. Our policy of choosing to work with only the best suppliers and contractors has served us well to keep the quality of our offering high in all areas.

In 2012 Gainford Group embarked upon Hospitality and Leisure as a new element for the Group, developing several hotels bars and restaurants. We have been successful with our approach here too, already creating award winning venues.

With an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial property across the north east and many other areas in the UK, we have an enviable steadfast footing from which to grow further still.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, the Group’s eagerness to push things forward continues unabated with new opportunities constantly being sought and horizons being advanced, ensuring that the Gainford Group story continues to unfold.